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Chromosome 12 and Ashkenazi Jews

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  • Chromosome 12 and Ashkenazi Jews

    Browsing the chromosome matches, I find that a very large percentage of my matches match me on the same area of Chromosome 12, approximately 118,000,000 to 123,500,000. Just looking at random people, I'm up to 16 people who match me in nearly the exact same area.

    Another handful match me and each other on a contiguous area of Chromosome 12.

    I can almost predict from surnames which ones will match. Has anyone else observed this or is there an explanation for this? Some of them (most of them?) overlap with me in having a small number of interrelated rabbinical lines in our ancestry -- which is why I say I can almost predict by surname.

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    I match with a Gemmer and a Bourbon along a small part of that section
    12 118775846 123691027 8.07 1073
    12 118775846 123691027 8.07 1073