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Individual Segments or Bigger Chunks?

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  • Individual Segments or Bigger Chunks?

    Which is more revealing?

    Matches with longer chunks on one chromosome come nearer the top of the match list with closer relationships while a match with lots of small segments comes further down.

    One person has 20 matching segments over 11 chromosomes but they are all quite short but come to 48cm in total. I'm just wondering if there's any significance

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    If you are talking about a FF distant or remote relative the larger segment is more significant. The many small segments are from common connections much farther back. Sometimes many small segments indicate a common ancestry to an isolated poplulation where you may have both paternal and maternal links.

    If you are talking about an immediate relative or close relative then the sum of all the segments (and there will be many large ones in this case) is more significant as long as it is a sum over 120cM.

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      Thank you Matt

      I don't have any very close matches as yet, so the bigger chunks are definitely the ones to watch out for, although we don't seem to have any names/paper trail in common as yet.


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        I tend to look at the large chunks primarily, myself. However, I don't disregard the small segments -- especially when those segments repeatedly appear on the same chromosome location where a large chunk appears in another cousin.

        As an aside: I am fascinated when I see the large or small chunk matches appear in siblings. So far I have two sets of full brother-sister cousins and one set of half-brother-half-sister cousins. These matches are not exact, but there is enough there to show that the individuals are very closely related. Genetics is truly a beautiful thing.


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          It would be very interesting to see some pictures of those folk's chromosomes if you could please oblige?


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            Originally posted by royfarnol View Post
            It would be very interesting to see some pictures of those folk's chromosomes if you could please oblige?
            The full brother-sister pairs? Identical with some minor differences. (At times, other FF cousins related to these brother and sisters match up on one sibling here and there but not with the other sibling.) The half-brother-half-sister pair? Not as many matching segments as full-siblings, but more than one would normally see with distant cousins comparisons. The matching with other FF cousins is more distinct in half-siblings than in full-siblings.