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Middle Eastern in PF: German or Slave Trade?

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  • Middle Eastern in PF: German or Slave Trade?

    I am quite puzzled with my Mom's Population Finder results below, given what I know about my results on a competing service:
    European (Finnish, Orcadian, Russian) 42.82% +/- 4.01%
    Middle East (Palestinian, Adygei, Bedouin, Druze, Iranian, Jewish) 18.90%+/- 4.06%
    Africa (West African) - Mandenka, Yoruba 38.28% +/- 0.73%
    Her haplogroup is L2c.

    We are African American, so the European and African percentages are easily explained. But is the Middle Eastern part coming from the East African slave trade??

    My father was tested by FTDNA's old service offered by DNAPrint and he is:
    Sub-Saharan African 76%
    East Asian 12%
    European 8%
    Native American 4%

    His percentages makes sense to me, but...
    When I was tested by another service, my results are as follows:
    Europe 62%
    Africa 34%
    Asia 4%

    How can I have such a high percentage of European ancestry given my parents results? I don't have any funds at the moment to test us all on the same service, but I would sure like your thoughts on whether the Mom's Middle Eastern part could be coming from German ancestors. One slave owner that we know of was an old German family: Koontz in the Shenandoah Valley area of VA.

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    Population finder is a little off for some. Go to your home page download your raw data both X and Autosomal and send it to Dr Doug McDonald to read

    His email [email protected]