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Problem accessing Chromosome browser

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  • Problem accessing Chromosome browser

    When I access my brother’s FTDNA home page and click on Chromosome browser, It takes me to a page for ordering tests. I do NOT get the chromosome charts and options for comparing individuals that I anticipated. I can access matches and relationships. He was tested after Illumina OmniExpr started, so I don’t have the old Affy on him. Is there nothing in the “new and improved” to match the nice comparison option from Affy? Was there a step I missed? I have sent notes to FT several times asking for help and gotten no response.
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    I've never heard of that happening before, and it's working fine for me. Give FTDNA a day to get back to you, then try calling them. Otherwise, have you tried closing, then reopening your web browser? Or, for that matter, a different web browser?


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      I had the same problem on Friday 16-Apr-2011. I reported the problem via their CONTACT US link at the upper right corner of the window. By Monday it was fixed. It might have been that the database was in the process of being updated because I did get a new speculative cousins that day. You can also send an email to [email protected].

      Good luck.