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    Originally posted by CorkyBean View Post
    My question is - how do I read this (below)? It looks like it is giving different possible combinations to describe my ancestry. And that the top one is the most likely. Have any of you received results from Dr. McDonald that looked like this?

    The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
    most likely at the top
    Spain= 0.208 English= 0.792
    English= 0.835 Tuscan= 0.165
    English= 0.797 Italian= 0.203
    French= 0.496 English= 0.504
    English= 0.919 Sardinia= 0.081
    French= 0.758 Irish= 0.242

    Dr. McDonald said: This is basically English with a bit of more Continental in it.

    Corky Bean
    If he doesn't have confidence in the results from the initial run of the test, he'll perform more iterations, using slightly different reference populations. That's what the list is. So those results favor either English or French, depending on which reference samples are included.


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      I have reviewed all of your maps and comments from Dr. McDonald and understand your concerns. I too was hoping he would give me a thinly-sliced percentage breakdown of my autosomal results that he gave others before this year.

      Instead, I received the plotted map, graph and the generic "you are basically "XXXXXXX" but most definitely European" comment. Strangely, my own map-plot point is split between different regions altogether (which I am paper-trailing now, have current and many ancient ancestors from and yes, I already knew about the 100% European part.)

      Oh well, I do appreciate his FREE efforts to analyze our results as I do FTDNA's PAID efforts at this testing stage, but I would be dishonest if I did not say I truly expect more detail at this point- all of the basics and hopefully that needle in the haystack I know exists but has been buried well. Some of my FF matches signify this truth.

      I do have question to all: how is it that your maps show Ireland while mine does not? I find it peculiar that so many of the larger populated EU and neighboring countries are missing.


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        Originally posted by bkilpatrick View Post
        I'm glad you got your results, brookes.

        For me, the most interesting suggestion from Dr. McDonald continues to be this, when he looks at the chromosomes:

        "......but there appear to be probably real, though small,
        spots of Native American to the tune of 0.3%."
        I too was happy that Dr. McDonald commented on the presence or absence of Native American in my chromosomes. I was told someone in a branch of the family was a Native American. I wasn't sure I belonged to this branch, so when Dr. McDonald said, "no Native American", I decided to consider searching for other ancestors. *sounds strange I know. Ha! Long story.

        Best, Corky Bean


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          Dr. McDonald told me this was my breakdown:

          French= 0.727 Lithuani= 0.273
          French= 0.655 Belorus= 0.345
          English= 0.621 Hungary= 0.379
          Irish= 0.776 Tuscan= 0.224
          Spain= 0.511 Lithuani= 0.489
          English= 0.847 Romania= 0.153
          French= 0.471 Irish= 0.529
          Irish= 0.747 Italian= 0.253
          Italian= 0.515 Lithuani= 0.485
          English= 0.888 Belorus= 0.112


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            I do I have a Paper trail for the ME and NA and after sending the raw data to Dr. McDonald this is what I got back in less than 10 hours. The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
            most likely at the top
            Irish= 0.818 Jewish= 0.182
            English= 0.918 Turkish= 0.082
            English= 0.913 Adygei= 0.087
            English= 0.935 Iranian= 0.065
            Irish= 0.875 Druze= 0.125
            Irish= 0.884 Palestin= 0.116
            English= 0.954 Egyptian= 0.046
            English= 0.949 Palestin= 0.051
            English= 0.952 Bedouin= 0.048
            English= 0.960 Moroccan= 0.040

            As you see, the North Africa, or at least close, shows up here.
            It is small enough that it also appears as fitting other Mideast
            populations. It shows on the chromosomes too, as Mideast and African.

            Also, the Native American shows up there too, at about 0.3%.

            I do know that the NA is small but I also know for a fact that it was there and atleast Dr. McDonald found it, I grew up on Indian Allotted Land and I do have a copy of the original deed, yes they were mix bloods but they did have enough to get land in 1836 Alabama. I also could have this showing up from another Generation around 1800 South Carolina and this is the reason for this post, from reading this what does he mean with the statement"The NA shows up there too? does he mean it comes from the same group or family that the ME/African does or could it have came from my later Ancestors in Alabama?


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              "The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
              most likely at the top
              French= 0.702 Jewish= 0.298
              French= 0.791 Armenian= 0.209
              French= 0.813 Druze= 0.187
              English= 0.570 Jewish= 0.430
              French= 0.772 Turkish= 0.228
              French= 0.770 Cypriot= 0.230
              French= 0.835 Palestin= 0.165

              This is clearly part Jewish, as proven conclusively by the PCA "scatter"
              plot with the Jews at the top. Thus, from what you say, it looks English-Jewish.

              The non Euro-non -Mideast spots on the chromosomes are
              probably noise."


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                "Mom" is difficult. The un-guided program says Jewish, which sometimes happens with southern Italians and folks from Sicily. However, if you look at the two PCA "scatter" plots for it, you will see that one does place this person close to the Jews, the other one does not. Those two plots, and those positions, are diagnostic of far southern Italy. The program does get the spot on the map reasonably close to Sicily, just a bit too far east. The chromosomes are typical: the African is from North Africa. (Dr. M had my mother's European Basque, Spanish, Italian & Tuscan.)

                FTDNA Illumina PF for Mom:
                Middle East Bedouin, Bedouin South, Druze, Jewish, Mozabite, Palestinian 59.48% +/-22.44%
                Europe Sardinian, Spanish, Tuscan, French 40.52% +/-22.44%

                "Dad" is similar, but the program does better: Most likely fit is 57.1% (+- 13.4%) Europe (various subcontinents)and 42.9% (+- 13.4%) Mideast (various subcontinents)

                The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
                most likely at the top
                Tuscan= 0.724 Druze= 0.276
                Tuscan= 0.599 Cypriot= 0.401
                Tuscan= 0.770 Palestin= 0.230
                Spain= 0.398 Cypriot= 0.602
                Italian= 0.608 Druze= 0.392
                Italian= 0.469 Cypriot= 0.531
                Tuscan= 0.430 Jewish= 0.570

                The plots are also similar to the first one, but note that the spots on the PCA plots are closer to Tuscany. This too is quite normal for southern Italy, but not so southern as "Mom". It is clearly more southern than the usual "central" Italian, which is closer to Tuscany.

                FTDNA Illumina PF for Dad:
                Europe Basque, Spanish, Tuscan 58.19% +/-14.78%
                Middle East Druze, Jewish, Palestinian 41.81% +/-14.78%
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                  BTW, does anyone know what the difference is between Dr. M's "Italian" and "Tuscan"? Southern versus Northern Italy?


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                    French= 0.638 Orcadian= 0.362
                    French= 0.718 Irish= 0.282
                    Spain= 0.302 Orcadian= 0.698
                    French= 0.870 Lithuani= 0.130
                    Orcadian= 0.700 Italian= 0.300
                    Orcadian= 0.752 Tuscan= 0.248
                    Spain= 0.383 Irish= 0.617
                    French= 0.885 Finland= 0.115
                    French= 0.843 Belorus= 0.157
                    Irish= 0.620 Italian= 0.380


                    French= 0.752 Armenian= 0.248
                    Orcadian= 0.504 Jewish= 0.496
                    French= 0.783 Druze= 0.217
                    Orcadian= 0.591 Cypriot= 0.409
                    French= 0.659 Jewish= 0.341
                    French= 0.748 Georgian= 0.252
                    Irish= 0.471 Jewish= 0.529
                    French= 0.807 Palestin= 0.193
                    Orcadian= 0.659 Druze= 0.341
                    French= 0.732 Cypriot= 0.268

                    "Another possibility is a mix of Tuscan and somewhere east of there
                    in Europe ... Romaania, Hungary, Bulgaria, former Yugoslavia, GReece,
                    etc. It clearly is not a Jewish mix."

                    As my father's father was from Capelle sul Tavo, near Pescara, Italy, I think Dr. McDonald's "other possibility" fits better. I have read in an online article that some farmers from "Yugoslavia" were settled there in the 17th century. As there was no country by that name at the period of time mentioned in the article, I take it to mean from the area later called by that name. One of my aunts used to say that her grandmother was Greek, but I have not been able to get a hold of Cappelle records to verify that. My Father's mother was from Sicily.

                    When I look at my results, comparing them with my mom's, it appears that Dr. McDonald has grouped my mother's origins in the left-hand column of my results and my father's in the right hand column. If this is indeed the case I assume that he would have arranged my mom's results in the same way??? It would appear so, since her mother was half French and half German (as far back as I have been able to research). But since her father was apparently half Alsatian, I'm not sure the results are arranged that way.

                    Carol Anne


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                      Dr. McDonald re-did my BGA in March and said I am 92% Orcadian and the rest is Middle Eastern. And 0.25% Native American on chromosone 6, and 0.5% African from chromosones 3,4,and 5.

                      23andme said I have 00.00% Asian but they recently changed it and they now say I have 00.14% Asian, from bits of orange (Asian/Native American) patches on chromosones 4 and 8. It's odd that 23andme didn't find any Asian/Native American on chromosone 6. And Dr. McDonald didn't find any on chromosones 4 & 8.
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                        Based on admixture percentages I recently got from the Eurogenes and Dodecad Projects, I asked Dr. McDonald to rerun his analysis for me, which he initially did in 2009. I pointed out to him that the Eurogenes Project had given me 7.51% North Balkan and the Dodecad Project had me at 5.64% for Northeast Europe.

                        In the case of 5.64% Northeast Europe, I was shocked, since almost all of the other Italians, northern and southern, in the K=11 run had a lower percentage for that. I also pointed that I have shared segments on a specific area of chromosome 17 in Ancestry Finder with a number of people with 3-4 grandparents from Bosnia up to Denmark, Norway, Poland and Ukraine. Since all my documented ancestry is Sicilian or southern Italian, going back 200-250 years, it seems as if I have some unknown ancestry from the Balkans or perhaps north of there.

                        I got a quick reply from Dr. McDonald. His image of ancestry painting of each chromosome shows that the x is all European, but that most chromosomes have extensive Mideast segments, with chromosomes 4, 16-18 and 20-22 as entirely Mideast on one of the pair. There are small East Asian segments on 6, 10 and 12 and smaller African segments on 11 and 15. Here is his overall analysis:

                        Most likely fit is 59.3% (+- 22.0%) Europe (various subcontinents)
                        and 40.7% (+- 22.0%) Mideast (various subcontinents)

                        The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
                        most likely at the top
                        Tuscan= 0.868 Bedouin = 0.132
                        Tuscan= 0.763 Palestin= 0.237
                        Tuscan= 0.797 Bedouin= 0.203
                        Tuscan= 0.406 Jewish= 0.594
                        Tuscan= 0.728 Druze= 0.272
                        Italian= 0.286 Jewish= 0.714
                        Italian= 0.612 Druze= 0.388
                        Spain= 0.222 Jewish= 0.778
                        Italian= 0.660 Palestin= 0.340

                        Which is perfectly normal for what you say you are. What really
                        matters is the spot on the map ... which is quite good. A better
                        fit can indeed be obtained by adding some NE European ...
                        but the difference is negligible, and it is < 2% in any case.

                        The chromosome plot is normal too.


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                          I'm waiting to hear back from Dr. McDonald. I asked for a new BGA that includes the new English samples. And I would like to see what my "population sets and their fractions" would be.

                          In the meantime, here is the image of my March 2011 BGA from McDonald.
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                            Dr. McDonald - What is his contact information?

                            I tried googling him, but both contact emails came back with error messages. Does anyone have a currently valid email address?


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                              The email address is [email protected] this was valid as of April 6th when I last had communication with him.