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    Anyone want to share and/or compare their Population Finder results?

    Europe (Western European) 90.20%
    MidEast 9.8%

    mkdexter mother
    Europe (Western European) 72.19%
    Europe 27.81%

    p.s. cut and paste doesn't work.. copy just the first part of each line and that works.

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    anyone surprised on their results?


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      sort of

      Not exactly surprised, but sort of surprised. I have a very good paper trail family history--with a few blanks, as everyone has, but it is all in one consistent, predictable direction--except that you can tell by the appearance of some of us in the family that there is something else there! One of my FF cousins is from a completely different part of the world, so I knew either my ancestors mixed into his line, or his into mine. Turns out it is the latter, and I finally know where the traits come from, now that I see the population finder results. It was the answer I was looking for. Now more hunting can begin!
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        The numbers were adjusted recently. Looks like they wanted to get all the fine tuning in prior to today's release. I like it as it is always better to have it checked and re-checked then to release it too soon.


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          Is there a link that allows for the breakdown of Euro regions?

          I can't find it after I go into population finder.


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            Also, where is the survey that they talk about in the FAQ?


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              Good question on the survey. There is not one.

              FAQ number 3 looks wrong. In continental number one, I know of Europe (Northeast European) , Europe (Western European) and Southern, and plain "European" that I have seen for real results, but I don't see them all listed in the FAQ - unless Northern is also called Russia on the FAQ. Moral of the story is we need the FAQ updated.
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                Originally posted by rucksack View Post
                Is there a link that allows for the breakdown of Euro regions?

                I can't find it after I go into population finder.
                There is this one in the FAQ but I know of nothing that shows "Russia", just Europe (Northeast European)

                Continental Group 1
                Southern Europe
                Western Europe
                Spain (non-Basque)
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                  Drum Roll Please...

                  Europe 100.00% +/- 0.01%

                  If you copy the margin of error directly from the results it won't paste. I had to type "+/-" instead of the way it shows up in the results.
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                    Here's mine

                    Europe 36.60%


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                      Mine is 29.97% European, 70.03% West European, plus or minus about 8 percent.

                      That's pretty much accurate, since my known ancestry is about 1/4 Hungarian/Polish and 3/4 German.


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                        What is the difference between Europe (Western Europe) and Europe?

                        Mine is 100% Europe and my brother's is 92% Western Europe and 8% Europe.

                        I had done some grabbag lookups of individual SNPs and found values more common elsewhere than Europe and even one SNP where my value had not been recorded. (I wonder if there is a way to report that to someone?). But I guess this classification is not SNP by SNP for 500,000 SNPs.


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                          Here's mine - Europe 100.00%


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                            Heres mine

                            Europe(Western Europe) 79.28% +,- 14.27%
                            Europe 20.72 %+,- 14.27%

                            So what does Europe without an area mean?


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                              Originally posted by GayeSherman View Post
                              Europe 100.00% +/- 0.01%
                              Wouldn't you be expecting some Middle Eastern component because of your high number of Ashkenazi matches? According to the FAQ, one of the populations is specifically called Jewish.