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    To comment on the original post, the Chip01 is part of the Family Finder test. It is just a lab notation used for ordering up part of the test. It is strange in that it shows up in one place and not the other, but the test will run the same regardless.

    -Darren Marin
    Family Tree DNA


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      Hi lcO

      Thanks for the help. I have done a search on my family name in Ireland and found where it was most common. There were a lot of records[census etc.] lost in Dublin during the revolution. Another concern is that many of the Gaelic surnames were Anglicized to circumvent anti-Gaelic laws. My surname is not Gaelic but my DNA appears to be 100% South Irish Type 11. My haplogroup is R1b1b2a1b5 - tests L21+ L23+ L49+ M222- M37- P297+ P66-.
      I am trying to localize my ancestors birth place as much as possible before researching in Ireland. I will decide about the familyfinder test when I get my other results.