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Am I using a reasonable method of calculation for ancestry?

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  • Am I using a reasonable method of calculation for ancestry?

    I understand that everyone says you can better determine your ethnicity by checking the ancestry of your matches, but I've recently started trying to take this a step farther in chromosome browser.
    Pretty much what I do is, if I'm trying to determine what part of a geographic category at FTDNA my ancestors came from, I find a match with either a surname or an ancestral surname or several that originated in that area, for instance if I'm trying to narrow down western European between Dutch and German, I would find a match with a surname from one of those countries, and hit " in common with ". Then, let's say that person is of Dutch ancestry, I would go through our common matches, pick out anybody who is Dutch and German, then check them all in chromosome browser, and if for instance the Dutch matches don't all match me on the same chromosome segment, but the original match I clicked and perhaps all of the Germans match on the same chromosome segment, then I assume that I'm related to the Dutch matches, not because I have Dutch ancestry but probably because they have some German ancestry that they haven't discovered ( especially if they don't have a very complete family tree ), and therefore I am probably of German ancestry and not Dutch. The only reason I'm posting about this is because I wanted to run it past the more experienced genealogists and see if they see any sense in my method.