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How can I get family matching to work with half siblings?

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  • How can I get family matching to work with half siblings?

    I have adjusted the tree to demonstrate that 3 testers are half siblings - 2 from one father and 1 from another. All same mother.

    The match still shows the linked relationship of sister and brother rather than both showing half siblings.

    I thought amending the tree to reflect the right relationship would fix this but it appears not. I cant seem to find any other way of changing the relationship.

    I know I can use not in common with for both to achieve the same thing but I would prefer to have the coloured dots on matches.

    How can I achieve this?

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    How did you add your half siblings to your myFamilyTree? I just added some children (all had done the Family Finder test) into the tree of an account I managed. I first added them by clicking on the parent, selecting "add relationship," choosing the correct relationship (son or daughter), and adding the information for the added person. This resulted in the children showing, but they did not show the icon for any tests they'd taken (Family Finder, etc.). This method also did not show a "linked relationship" in the list of Family Finder - Matches.

    Next, I removed those that I'd added, and tried adding them this time by clicking on "Link Matches," at top left of the tree. I dragged each child to the correct parent, and they then showed an icon for the tests they'd taken. This method DID result in a "linked relationship" showing for each child.

    I have not yet tried to add half siblings, because none that relate to anyone in a tree I manage have tested at FTDNA. Thus I can't say if this will work for half-relationships.
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      If needed, here are instructions, how to build a family tree.
      scroll down to FAQ section:
      "How do I add a half sibling to my tree?"
      "link matches" and dragging the match to their place, usually works for me.

      Here is my experience:
      The tree is correct, matches linked.
      The match-list:
      Blue paternal/red maternal icons show the correct color.
      For any half-relative, from Half-4th Cousin 1R, to Half-sibling: the match-list says "4th Cousin 1R", and "brother".
      Everything is fine, only the word "half" is absent, for some reason.
      Maybe to remind us that our "half" family members are fully important in our lives?