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Ethnic origins of a comorian

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  • Ethnic origins of a comorian

    I’m a comorian born in the Comoros Islands located in the eastern coast of Africa, more precisely in the swahili coast. Both my parents and grand parents and great grand parents were born and raised there. These are my Family Finder results :



    74% West Africa

    13% East Central Africa

    3% South Central Africa

    East Asian

    5% Southeast Asia

    Central/South Asian

    5% South Central Asia

    I contacted FTDNA and told them about my background and said how weird it was for me to have this much West African percentage since my homecountry is located in the eastern part of Africa and they told me my results will be more refined with the update. I also uploaded my results on DNA.Land and they told me I was 48% East African, 20% something West African 10% Dravidian and 6% Taiwanese (?) which is quite different from my original results.

    I tried uploading my results on GedMatch and I don’t really know how to interpret them. The results I get from the calculators are different from each other and i’m not really sure which one is the best fit for me. The best calculator is the one who shows the smallest distances right? GedrosiaDNA is the one who seems to display the closest populations but i’m not sure if it’s accurate just because of that. Can someone help me?