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Have Eurogenes & Dodecad been updated? -anything better for Mizrahi Jewish now?

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  • Have Eurogenes & Dodecad been updated? -anything better for Mizrahi Jewish now?

    I have not rerun any family kits on any of the Eurogenes or Dodecad calculators in Gedmatch for about 3 years. I always tended to use Eurogenes K13, V2 K15, and K36 and Dodecad World 9, and sometimes Dodecad V3, K7b, and K12b. First question: have any of the programs or reference populations been changed in the last 3 years time? Also, we have several family members that show a small amount of Mizrahi Jewish farther back in time. Are there any calculators doing a better job at indicating Mizrahi now, or do we still have to try them all and look for and jewish, east medeteranian, and near east combined results. This is farther back in trees, so not tons of FF matches showing up with jewish ancestry, but middle east components of 2-9% in some close matches.

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    I am looking for the same. If you found something else than gedmatch( wich are good) please write me to.

    I used this service, its a paid but super service for that money 10+17€ for 2 detailed analysies. i dont want to do advertise but the service is fine and results are detailed, the money decent. the details are very fine and the amount of information big, if you can track back your tree it will confirm/or not many of the known ancestors and open the door for the not well known/maybe speculative

    hope it helps. if you have something for mizrahi and/or sephardim pease let me know
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