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Matching statistics for users of FTDNA's Family Finder

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  • without_a_trace
    Yes, that seems entirely likely. My grandfather (born late 1800's) had at least 2 children that we know of with 2 different wives (my father being one of them). He was an only child, but his father (my GGF) and his grandfather (my GGGF) had multiple siblings each, that I predict would have had many off-spring in the 150+ years. I am just shocked that none of I have to go back to my GGGF as the MRCA to find any matches (other than my father and immediate family). I have multiple 2nd and 3rd cousin matches from the other 3 grandparents who lived in the same geographic regions during the same time periods.

    I was looking for statistics, so I could sort of gauge the distribution of matches (average distribution of matches of users related through each of their 4 grandparents).

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  • Biblioteque
    Many years ago I read we will have more matches with an ancestor who had more *children. The more children, the more matches, and conversely, the fewer children, the fewer matches.

    How many children did your grandparent in question have?

    *children meaning those who lived to a child-producing year and had children.
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  • Matching statistics for users of FTDNA's Family Finder

    Are there any matching statistics for users of FTDNA's Family Finder? I am interested in the distribution of match levels based on each branch of user's trees.
    Here is why I am asking:
    I have one grandparent that the first attributable match is at the 4th cousin level (All other "closer" matches go to my other 3 biological grandparents). The match seems to be reasonably confirmed via tracing trees back to the early-1800's (all in the USA, I might add). This seems really counter-intuitive that I would have no matches in 23andMe, Ancestry, GEDMATCH or FTDNA for a branch of a tree for a grandparent closer than 4th cousin. Would this be considered rare or fairly common among users? What scenarios would result in lack of close matches (other than the obvious of lack of descendants that have tested)?