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    Results from YFULL STR Matches show that I have a match at a distance of 0.034. Out of 435 STRs tested, only 15 STR showed as differences... reading these results indicates to me that I have a close match with another tester, but how close? what does the difference of 0.034 actually mean? any advice is more than greatly appreciated

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    I suggest you post in the Y-DNA section of the forum rather than in the autosomal section.


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      You differ on 15 STRs out of 435, that's 0.034. They are just saying you differ on STRs by 3.4%.


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        But can you say how far the 0.034 is on family tree? I have asked this question and got answer that it is not close. It may vary. 0.034 is not far from you in family tree, but can be out of them you know on family tree.


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          Thanks for the feedback, it certainly helps, I didn't realise I posed in the wrong section, so apologies for that. I'm a newbie at this so learning fast.. cheers