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Full or Half Sibling? by Roberta Estes

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  • Full or Half Sibling? by Roberta Estes

    Hope some of you find this as informative as I do.
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    Might have use for something like this sooner rather than later. Have a "mystery cousin match" that followed through on being told to test on Ancestry after contacting me on MyHeritage. Reason being that the Ancestry DNA matching list for the family line he was trying to discover connections to is very common on Ancestry, and almost non-existent on MyHeritage.

    Then he comes back as a 711 cm(23 segments) Match to my mother, and and a 923 cm(40 segments) match to her half-sister. Shared common DNA matches also point to matches on both the maternal and paternal line for their common father. So it looks like the predicted first cousin match is related through both of their grandparents somehow.

    Which gets to the next level of fun, among their known siblings and 1st cousins, the youngest among them is now entering their 70's. This guy is in his 40's. (none of my mother's brothers were understood as being present in the area in the right time-frame to be the father. She did have an uncle in the right area, but he died nearly 60 years ago)

    He did have a name for who his father is supposed to be, but doesn't know anything else about him. Problem is, nobody in the family has ever heard of anybody marrying into the family name he mentioned, never mind knowing anybody by his father's reported name.

    Oh but it gets "better" in a bad way, there is a family story out there that sometime "around" 1910, a certain brother took (sexual) advantage of one of his (teen) sisters, and a pregnancy resulted. That illicit daughter was whisked away by the grandparents and nobody knows what became of her. Which currently has us wondering if this guy's father might have been the child of that daughter, and how we're even going to go about trying to help unravel this, as we're not certain that the descendants of the specific lines involved are aware that such a story even exists, or involves them.

    Of course, looking at the level of the match, I'm more inclined to suspect this is a different "anonymous child" that nobody knew anything about, going to be interesting to work through without causing family scandals everywhere in the process.
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      Well, further investigation is indicating our "DNA Surprise" is a surprise after all. Still waiting on him to respond back to some of our own inquiries though.

      It looks like my grandfather is his grandfather too. We have now identified the person who he named as his probable father, and he appears to have been deceased for about 15 years now. Which will potentially make verification a bit more difficult. Related to that, we know who the mother is(and imagine he knew that much by now as well). We now know when his father was born, and that his grandmother lived next door to my grandfather, and that she was my Grandfather's Niece(by way of his wife of 9 years at the time, my grandmother).