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    I have a match of a 2nd to 3rd cousin with my Autosomal results and his Ydna results.
    My brother matches his Ydna to him at a genetic distance of 1, but the surnames are different as changed at Barnados.
    I think that the likely link is my G Grandfather who was in the right area at the right time.
    What I need to know is why do I have an x chronosome link to him?


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    How long is the X Chromosome match?


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      Originally posted by Dijon View Post
      What I need to know is why do I have an x chronosome link to him?

      Another common ancestor with him on your mother's side.


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        Are you male or female?

        If female, you received an X from your father, that he received from his mother.

        Your paternal Grandmother had an X from her father (your Great Grandfather) and an X from her mother (your Great Grandmother). Your fathers X which he passed on to you will be a random recombination of these two X's of hers (random recombination of XDNA from these two Great Grandparents)

        If this is the Great Grandfather you are referring to, it is possible to share XDNA with match, if he can trace his XDNA back along his X inheritance path (male X inheritance path chart attached)
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          If your FTDNA X match is 5 cM or less just ignore it.

          FTDNA X matches are time wasting worthless. FTDNA only shows a X match if there is an autosomal match and shows tiny junk X matches of 1, 2, 3 cM. Thus FTDNA doesn't show the largest X matches we have. My largest X matches at GEDmatch (20 cM and up) have zero autosomal match.

          It is time for FTDNA to drop the autosomal match policy and show all X matches 5 cM and higher and suppress the ones less than 5 cM.