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Unused rsids reported as no-calls

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  • Unused rsids reported as no-calls

    I was surprised and a little angered that my two kits both came back with 4% no-call rates, but that FTDNA responded to my inquiry saying this was within their quality assurance limits.

    My annoyance was assuaged by the post "Decrease in quality of new Family Finder tests" (can be found by Googling this phrase). That post suggested that all kits tested in the past year have seen values this high, and one responder analyzed some data and found good evidence that there are just below 28000 or so SNPs that FTDNA stopped testing but whose names are left in the raw data files, so they are all reported as no-calls.

    But there was no official verification of this observation by an FTDNA representative on that thread. So I have two questions:

    1) Has FTDNA officially verified that recent data files have tens of thousands of markers listed as no-calls that are simply no longer tested?
    2) If so, is the list of these rsid's available somewhere?