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  • Shared matches not the same

    I manage 2 kits for relatives and am working on triangulating their matches with 2 other people who also descend from the same couple.

    When I log in as one kit, I get 15 matches, but when I log in as the other kit, I have 118. How can this be? The 15 appear within the 118.

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    What are the relationships of the two relatives to the two other people (as shown in the relationship range column)? Are they of known different generations, or "cousins removed" levels?

    Have you checked the account settings for the two relatives, on their My Privacy & Sharing pages, for "Family Finder Matching?" Make sure both accounts are set to "All Levels" in order to see the maximum amount of matches.


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      They are full third cousins.

      I didn't even know those levels existed. One was set to immediate and close. When I changed it to all, 118 matches now show!

      Thank you very much.


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        One thing to remember, when you get to 3rd cousins, there is a probability that some actual 3rd cousins won't be detected as a match (using the default criteria) with the other 3rd cousins. The current rule of thumb, which seems to be about right from my own experience, is that about 10 percent of your actual 3rd cousins won't match with you -- but they will probably match with at least some of your other 3rd cousins. For 4th cousins, the odds of not matching are thought to be around 50 percent. These observations result from recombination and the random assortment of chromosomes at each generation.


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          Originally posted by Dinaj View Post
          I didn't even know those levels existed.
          I'm glad that changing those settings was the solution to your problem.
          Once upon a time,
          perhaps five to seven years ago or so, most pages in a user's FTDNA account had a link to a tutorial page, or pop-up (later, for a short time, called "Family Finder 2.0 Tour"). This showed the features of each page, explaining what they meant. Alas, those helpful links were removed when the site was redesigned over the years. I don't recall whether or not the Account Settings pages also had such tutorials.

          Nowadays, instead, it's a good idea to visit the Learning Center, and look over the information under the heading "myFTDNA User's Guide," (particularly for "My Account") to really familiarize yourself with your account and its settings. It would be nice if FTDNA could somehow at least provide a direct link within a person's account to each section in the myFTDNA User's Guide, to help new users, but I suppose that might cause problems if/when the Learning Center is updated and the links change.