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How to change to threshold?

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  • How to change to threshold?

    Previously I could play with the threshold - eg. 5 cM, rather than standard 7 cM, using Gedmatch. Now, with the new ridiculous "privacy" rules you cannot see entries for living people, which makes it useless.
    Any way to change the default 7 cM?


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    As far as I know the only thing that was affected by the new privacy laws at Gedmatch was removing living people from the Gedcoms. So I am not sure what you mean by living people being removed from your match list as most on the match lists are living people. You can change the default segment size at Gedmatch how it has always been done in the One to Many comparison it can be changed in the dropdown box and the One to One Compare you can enter the minimum segment size cM in the box. Maybe I am misunderstanding your problem though.


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      The DNA at GEDmatch has no data field for living or dead and DNA matches have not changed.

      On the "One-to-many DNA comparison" you "Select the threshold of the largest segment to be included in the list :" from the drop down provided. This has not changed.


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        Maybe you are not seeing all your matches at the threshold you want because they have a 2000 match limit. So if you are over that then you will only see your closest 2000 matches on the One to Many list. Maybe if you upgrade to the Tier 1 level and use the One to Many tool under the Tier 1 tools you will get your full list including the smaller matches you wish to see.


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          you can also see different matches if you change how you want them ordered - Can order by total shared cM or by longest segment, for example -- and for each, Largest to smallest or smallest to largest are both possible