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New probability tool at dnapainter

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  • New probability tool at dnapainter

    ... for scenarios where you have multiple matches >40cM who are all known descendants of the same ancestral couple, and you want to test your ideas about how "X" person could fit into the tree. See:

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    Nice to know the tool exists, but how many people have the DNA matches to use this tool?

    "Before you use the tool, your target person should have: Multiple DNA matches of 40 cM or more who are all descended in known ways from the same ancestor or couple (A few matches below 40 cM are fine, too)

    At GEDmatch I have a total of two people who match me for 40 cM or more and they are on different family lines.

    I don't see that I will ever be able to use this tool.


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      Interesting tool
      I have two cases in my family I will be using this tool to
      assist in my analysis
      I will let you know how it goes.
      Since I will be away from home until September it may be
      a few weeks


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        Thinking more about one of my cases
        Some of the people tested in this famil are actually
        double cousins to someone one generation below the
        top couple.
        Will the tool be able to handle this case?


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          The beta version of the tool "was not designed for double cousins", and I don't know whether it's been tweaked since then.

          If you're on facebook, you can join the (closed) group DNA Painter: What Are The Odds? and ask there. Or you could post a comment on thednageek's blog although you may have to register first.

          A third option is to make contact via the dnapainter site (I can't access it right now; from memory there's an email address for questions). But the other two options are more direct.