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Looking for Eurogenes K36 results to use for a simple calculator

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  • Looking for Eurogenes K36 results to use for a simple calculator

    I'm trying to collect Eurogenes K36 results in order to make a simple European ethnicity calculator. I'm looking for people who aren't from very mixed European backgrounds. At the moment I need results from Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Austrian, German, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian people. So far I have a collection of results of individuals from Ireland, France, Italy, and the Baltic countries, but I am always interested in more data from these areas. I am also interested in individuals from the Caucasus region. If you would like to contribute, I do not need a GEDmatch number, just the ethnic background of the individual and the Eurogenes K36 results (please do not omit any - or 0 values).

    Thank you very much

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    Using FTDNA Data. English,Scottish,Irish with maybe a little Welsh.

    Amerindian 0.15
    Arabian -
    Armenian -
    Basque 2.07
    Central_African -
    Central_Euro 4.40
    East_African -
    East_Asian -
    East_Balkan -
    East_Central_Asian -
    East_Central_Euro 5.62
    East_Med -
    Eastern_Euro 3.55
    Fennoscandian 11.41
    French 8.06
    Iberian 13.51
    Indo-Chinese -
    Italian 2.90
    Malayan -
    Near_Eastern -
    North_African -
    North_Atlantic 20.04
    North_Caucasian 3.95
    North_Sea 22.95
    Northeast_African -
    Oceanian -
    Omotic 0.22
    Pygmy -
    Siberian -
    South_Asian -
    South_Central_Asian -
    South_Chinese -
    Volga-Ural 0.34
    West_African -
    West_Caucasian -
    West_Med 0.83