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Phased Gedmatch kit for one parent. Possible to upload?

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  • Phased Gedmatch kit for one parent. Possible to upload?

    A parent and child tested with FamilyTreeDNA. The other parent is not available for testing.

    A phased kit of the other parent (so "half" a parent) has been created at Gedmatch.

    Is it possible to turn this half kit at Gedmatch into a kit (homozygous) that could be uploaded back to Gedmatch?

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    If you create the phased kit off site, as Gedmatch does not allow you to download.

    Note though phased kit at Gedmatch is only about 75% phased, the remaining still contain childs maternal and paternal alleles.

    You can see this by comparing phased kit to itself with graphic. Phased areas will be purple (containing single allele), and unphased areas will be green (containing both unphased alleles)

    is there a particular reason why you would want a phased kit with homozygous values, as it will not make a difference as far as I know...


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      Sorry - I made a mistake and didn't explain myself well.

      Good point - you can't download from Gedmatch of course. I was wondering whether it's possible to create a kit for the missing parent and upload it to FamilyTreeDNA and/or MyHeritage.


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        Possibly it's too late with the GSA chip just around the corner.

        If a parent and child had tested with the OmniExpress I'm wondering whether it's possible to create the other parent (it really would be just half of them) and upload somehow to FamilyTreeDNA. If it was possible then the paternal/maternal tabs would be very useful.

        Maybe it's better to wait and for both to test with whatever the new chip is, even if it means the extra expense of running more tests when they've already tested.