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  • Neanderthal percentage

    Out of curiosity, is it possible to get the neanderthal % from the "family Finder" - Autosomal test?
    If yes, what is the best way to do it?


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    Not from Family Finder

    When I took a Geno2 test about 4 years ago, They had Neanderthal and Denisovan percentages, but they don't really mean much, and the Geno2 test is too expensive for such useless information.


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      Right now National Geographic is offering a deal of $99.95 and if you buy two then its $69.95 per kit.


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        Originally posted by Serket View Post
        Right now National Geographic is offering a deal of $99.95 and if you buy two then its $69.95 per kit.
        And the genographic results display is fabulous ... I loved genographic but .... if you order this from the US, Helix then has your data with the intent to sell it back to you packaged by various 3rd parties. Offering to tell you what kind of wine you should buy - that sort of thing. We cancelled the account, and asked to have the data removed.

        I'm currently being repeatedly blasted with sales pitches from Helix. At my personal e-mail, rather than to the e-mail that was used with the genographic kit, or the addresses we used with FT kits. Somewhat creepy.

        Moreover they did not give the test taker any results files, so there was nothing to upload to FT or gedmatch. (Perhaps that has changed now, don't know.) In any case we ended up paying FT for autosomal, mt and Y tests when they had already been done by genographic/helix. (At least the results were the same.) That's also why I'm now so cynical about FT's promise to provide the Y-DNA data files "sometime in the future." That's exactly what Helix was saying. Okay, in sum, love Nat. Geo, hate Helix.


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          geno 2 next neaderthal

          geno2 next generation can tell you
          i scored 1% there
          when the averege is 1.3%

          for american costumers you got geno2 helix
          and they also have neaderthal % that they give you

          kind regards

          about the price yes it is not cheep
          but sometimes they have sales


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            If you test at 23 and Me, which is on sale can get info on Neanderthal.