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Another post on interesting Jewish findings, but with a twist!

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  • Another post on interesting Jewish findings, but with a twist!

    Depending on the test/source, I have anywhere from 1.5% to 6.6% Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) in my ethnicity composite. My mother's half-brother has uploaded his DNA so I've done chromosome painting to see what we could potentially share from my maternal grandmother (his mother). We share a total cM of 1132 (the largest segment being 91.5 cM), and he has about 5% AJ on gedmatch's JTest (where I have 3.3%). We have overlap on our chromosomes where the AJ DNA is, but only about half of the time.

    I then looked at his ex-wife's father's DNA, as he was a match of mine, too. This man is 100% AJ. Gedmatch's JTest lists him as 32% AJ, with his Oracle 4 coming out to AJ+AJ+AJ+AJ. Not surprising knowing their family history; my cousin is at least 50% AJ, give or take how ever much he got from my biological half-uncle. What's fascinating, though, is that I share 12% of the same DNA with my cousin's maternal grandfather who I'm not otherwise related to -- 861 cM, with the largest segment being 89 cM (and 23 shared segments). It also appears that we overlap virtually everywhere in the chromosome painter where I have AJ DNA.

    I understand that my biological uncle and I would have this connection. But my non-biological aunt's father? Just seems interesting and I don't know what to make of it.

    I do seem to have a decent amount of Jewish matches across all websites (I've tested everywhere but Ancestry and use other resources religiously). Also interesting that the tests that gave me lower percentages of AJ DNA also give this non-biological relative similar percentages, though he is absolutely full AJ.

    Any ideas on what I can learn/infer from this connection to this non-biological relative? Wondering particularly if this is a case where endogamy has stricken again, or if I might have a Jewish ancestor hiding somewhere, and if so, where I should look.

    Thanks for any and all responses!