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    Originally posted by Frederator View Post
    Thanks. This is a more thorough practical example than I could have hoped for.

    But I'm not sure I understand some key points yet. How is it possible that you have phased your grandparents' kits into parent A and parent B if you haven't firmly established a kit/kits representing specific great grandparent(s) as a reference? I thought you needed a minimum of one parent (or a collection of close cousins from one side of the family) to phase a kit.

    Sorry if those questions are phrased a little awkwardly. Hopefully you get my gist.
    To expand on / clarify.

    I have 1st Cousins of my parents tested to identify which DNA is maternal(mothers Parent A and Parent B) vs paternal (Fathers Parent A and Parent B) in each sibling per chromosome.

    Each recreated parents DNA is "phased" per chromosome into their Parent A and Parent B single chromosomes, but Parent A on one chromosome maybe Parent B on next.

    Can not build a maternal and paternal phased file of a Grandparent until I can identify which Parent is which of said Grandparent