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  • Paternal vs Maternal

    Two Questions:
    1. My wife and brother are shown as full siblings in the matches list and in the family tree as such but my wife Is only identified in the matches list as maternal. Why not both?
    Note there is one linked 1st cousin on the maternal side but none linked on the paternal side. This may be the problem if the algorithm does not account for the the full siblings relationship....but it should!

    2. So if the maternal matches are identified, then why are the remainder not shown as paternal?

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    Paternal/Maternal tab only uses the segments of DNA that are shared with people you link in tree. Any match that shares these segments will be placed in appropriate tab.
    You may share a in common with match with linked person, but unless they share an overlapping segment with you this in common with match will not be added to maternal/paternal tab
    You will not have any paternal matches until you link someone to tree that they can identify other matches as sharing the same DNA.

    As for siblings they are not used in the maternal/paternal tab phasing as it can not decipher which is maternal vs paternal DNA without a 3rd reference (Grandparent/parent/cousin)