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  • khuebner
    I dont have an answer for you, but where did you find this particular search feature?

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  • maplegirl
    started a topic New Search Feature

    New Search Feature

    In trying this new feature...I'm searching for the name Parke in particular. A lot of trees showed up with the name Parke and it seems I can access many of them. Are the ones with these trees my FF matches? I mean, there's quite a few...pages of them. Now, some are marked "you must be a dna match to view this tree" - I understand this . It obviously means that I'm not a dna match but what about the others? I may not be a genetic match with them concerning the name Parke, but am I still a FF match with another line regardless? When I've gone over to my FF matches and type in ancestral surname Parke I'm not getting much. Unless those who submitted their trees that just happened to have a Parke line in it & did not add the name to ancestral surnames. As I understand this: When I use the new search feature for the name Parke I'm getting all the submitted trees with the name Parke included and unless otherwise noted, I am a FF match to the owners of the trees (not necessarily through the Parkes though) and when I use the FF ancestral name search feature, I am only getting those matches who actually submitted Parke in their ancestral surnames - two different functions. Am I correct? Thanks.