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    Originally posted by Christopher View Post
    * (Although Greeks, Turks, Cypriots, Italians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians would be preferred in this case).
    Colonial American roots.
    Irish, Scottish
    then German on his maternal side.
    M269 (SNPs pending)

    adopted - so anything is possible.
    her paternal side rumored to be Native American.
    U3 (FMS pending) *
    European (total 98%)
    --- British Isles 57%
    --- Southern Europe 21% *
    --- Scandinavia 20%
    Middle Eastern (total 1%) *
    --- Eastern Middle East 1% *

    Unassigned 1%



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      i've decided to share my grandpa's(mom's dad) ancestrydna results especially since he gets a way higher ME percentage than her.
      56% europe
      27% america
      13% west asia
      3% africa
      <1% east asia


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        55% Western and Central Europe
        26% Scandinavia
        8% Eastern Europe
        3% British Isles

        7% Ashkenazi Diaspora

        1% Central Asia

        This fits roughly with my family tree:
        On my dad's side his paternal grandparents were immigrants from Wales and England. His maternal grandparents were from Bavaria and Mecklinburg-Schwerin.

        On my mother's side her paternal grandfather's parents were Swedish and Norwegian, he married a Norwegian immigrant. Her maternal grandfather was a German Jew (Pomerania), her maternal grandmother's father was an English immigrant but her maternal grandmother was of English/Scots ancestry, I haven't worked that one out entirely--there are suggestions they might have been Ulster Scots, they were here maybe before 1750.

        I'm sure the Eastern Europe is due to the Ashkenazi great grandparent and that the 1% Central Asia tagged along somehow with the U5, but the low British Isles was a little bit of a surprise.


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          My results (V3 transfer). Parents from S India (Iyer/ Karnataka Brahmins)

          South Asia 51%
          Central Asia 37%
          Southeast Asia 6%
          Scandinavia 6%

          On 23andMe:
          99.7% S Asia
          0.2% Broadly N Europe
          0.1% Native American


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            Originally posted by Bird93 View Post
            My results (V3 transfer). Parents from S India (Iyer/ Karnataka Brahmins)

            South Asia 51%
            Central Asia 37%
            Southeast Asia 6%
            Scandinavia 6%

            On 23andMe:
            99.7% S Asia
            0.2% Broadly N Europe
            0.1% Native American
            0.2% Broadly N Europe
            0.1% Native American

            Is interesting. Does any bother think that might mean broadly Neanderthal?


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              African: 60%
              -west Africa :38%
              - Eeast central Africa 22%

              Middle Eastern: 36%
              -Eastern middle east: 21%
              -North Africa:15%

              European: 04%
              - Southern European:04%


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                I had always thought we were a mix of British Isles and Germany, and the results pretty much mirror that.

                99% European
                of which
                50% Western and Central Europe
                43% British Isles
                3% Eastern Europe
                2% Scandinavia
                1% Southern Europe

                and oddly enough, 2% Middle Eastern/Asia Minor. Adds up to 101%.... shakes head.

                We have a family rumor/myth that one of my great great great ancestresses was supposed to be a Cherokee woman, and I suppose that is still a possibility with this distribution.


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                  My mother was Finnish (Canadian born), but I have no knowledge of my birth father (part of the reason I did the test).

                  100% European
                  53% Finland and Northern Siberia
                  26% British Isles
                  18% Scandinavia
                  3% Western and Central European


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                    My Origins:
                    British Isles 67%
                    Scandinavia 25%
                    Finland and Northern Siberia 3%
                    Western and Central Europe 1%
                    Asia Minor 3%

                    In Comparison to

                    Great Britain 81%
                    Ireland 6%
                    Scandinavia 6%
                    Euroup West 4%
                    Europe East 3%

                    When I run the Admixtures at I get even more varied results?


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                      My Origins

                      European 100%

                      British Isles 100%


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                        fairly accurate i think...

                        I am south east english on paper in all directions for at least 4-5 generations. My results show 100% european. British 24% and western/central european 76%. That's from familytree and i reckon its about right with all the cross channel travel. On gedcom its a different story. Still lots of european but the occaisional bit of siberian and pygmy too...


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                          Results for my uncle:
                          1) Familial: paternal Peloponnese Greek, maternal Maltese/Greek (possibly all Maltese)
                          2) his myOrigins: 63% Southern Europe, 34% Asia Minor, 3% North Africa

                          Results for a first cousin:
                          1) Familial: paternal from Greek island of Chios, maternal same as uncle's above total familial (Greek + Maltese/Greek)
                          2) her myOrigins: 58% Southern Europe, 39% Asia Minor, 2% Eastern Middle East, 2% East Central Africa


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                            My origins

                            I am just posting a screen shot of my origins.. much more specific than when I originally tested a few years back.
                            Attached Files


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                              Among my about thousand known ancestors not even a single one is known to be from outside Finland's geographical area. However, FF and my haplogroups (I-L1302, H4a1a4b) tell that some of my DNA comes from Scandinavian ancestors. So, the following MyOrigins result is as good as it gets.

                              European 100%
                              - Finland and Northern Siberia 95%
                              - Scandinavian 5%

                              But when I put on the MyOrigins map the pins showing the places of origin of earliest known paternal and maternal of my FF matches, it really gets wonderful. Both my father's and mother's birthplaces are within 100 mile radius from the center of greatest concentration of the pins! (Yes, I know that I am extremely lucky in genetic genealogy due to my Western Finnish origins.)


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                                Bohemian Czech/English

                                FTDNA MyOrigins:
                                Europe - 97%:

                                Scandinavia - 39%
                                British Isles - 31%
                                Southern Europe - 20%
                                Eastern Europe - 7%

                                Central/South Asian - 3%

                                Central Asia - 3%

                                Really figured i'd get a slightly higher percentage of Eastern Europe than that, especially as my maternal uncle got 39% Eastern Europe.