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  • Match On Both Sides

    Interesting Find!!!! My first known match that appears to be related on BOTH sides of my family.

    Me and Match -> 34cM
    chromosomes 1 and 18
    (Shown on Gedmatch but not shown on FTDNA)

    Match and my dad -> 17.7cM
    chromosome 1

    Match and my dad's paternal first cousin -> 17.6cM
    chromosome 1

    Match and my mother -> 14.9cM
    chromosome 18

    Match and my mother's brother -> 15.3cM
    chromosome 18

    Match and my mother's full aunt -> 15.0cM
    chromosome 18

    Interesting thing is the match did NOT appear on FTDNA.

    Hmmmmm???? Total cM count is over 20cM but not shown on FTDNA's Family Finder. Weird!!!!!

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    I don't think it's just the total count of cM's that determine whether you're a match or not. I don't know what FTDNA's criteria are but I'm sure the length of the matching segments plays into it as well - possible other things. All DNA companies will rule out matches that are below a certain threshold of criteria because they run the risk of being random chance matches, not an actual relation. But what those thresholds are will vary by the company, hence why you may be a match to someone at one company but not another even if you both tested at both places. With Gedmatch, you can set your own values so you can lower it to whatever you want but other companies don't.