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    Originally posted by MoberlyDrake View Post
    I just noticed that a 3rd cousin has one of the matches that has been taken away from my mother. They could let us have our Low Matches back. I don't see a place to leave feedback.
    I read an answer to this on one of the blogs, I think it was Blaine's.

    For a short time, you're able to download your V.1 matches, so don't wait to do this since Ancestry isn't exactly announcing this from the homepage.

    On your Ancestry DNA page, click on the Settings sprocket.

    On the right hand side, locate the text that says
    "Download v1 DNA Matches
    Download a list of your previous "v1" matching results (available for a limited time)."


    It will save just the basics such as the name the tester is using, whether there are hints or whether you viewed the kit, and any notes you have made. You can then use the old list and check to see what you lost in the new database.

    Ancestry had said that they would allow us to download this along with notes we made, so when a friend of mine lost a lot of his data earlier in the week, I worked like mad to make as many notes as I could before my matches were gone. I'm glad that I did.


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      Originally posted by Ann Turner View Post
      Originally posted by dna View Post
      What would be a name for a pileup region using FTDNA nomenclature?

      Thank you in advance - W.
      FTDNA doesn't address this issue, AFAIK. 23andMe identified a couple of handfuls of regions that met their standard thresholds, but turned to be IBS when they tried to trace them back through their simulated pedigrees. The regions overlapped to some extent with what this article called "excess IBD." 23andMe raised their thresholds for those regions.

      It's hard to say without knowing more specifics, but it's possible that AncestryDNA is looking at the same sort of thing.
      Thank you Ann!