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  • Multiple relationships

    I have a cousin with whom I have 7 documented traditional genealogy relationships. (It happens to be in Norway where there were many intermarriages, but this question applies in any similar situation.)

    We would like to confirm our relationship via FamilyFinder, but we're not sure what relationship to use. Our only direct cousin relationship is 11th cousins, but we are as close as 7th cousin twice removed. He has requested confirmation at 6th cousins.

    What would be the best way to proceed in this situation?


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    The drop-down list of known relationships is for your own convenience, and it can't cover all the possibilities. If FTDNA were to use assigned relationships to fine tune their algorithm (and I don't know of any plans to do so), then using 6th cousin would be somewhat misleading. I'd just leave it as it is, or use distant cousin. You could add notes to explain in more detail if you wish, I suppose.


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      Re: Multiple relationships

      Thanks--I imagined as much, but I have a lot to learn and wondered if there were conventions.