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  • Not In Common With - Parent + Child

    If one parent and their child test, and the child selects NOT in common with, what is the consensus that the result are from the other parent?

    Might some results be so distant they would not register with either parent and be listed no matter what?

    So, how does NOT in common work and filter its results?


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    A fair question! Has anybody found a use for this feature? When is it useful, and what exactly is the algorithm used to generate the "Not in common with" list?


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      "Not in common with" simply filters your match list to show you which matches are NOT also in the other person's match list.

      So when using Not In Common With between a parent and child, when you run this from the child's account, the resulting list should be matches from the other parent's side.

      One caveat to this: Sometimes you might have inherited two small adjacent segments, one from each parent, forming one longer segment. On this longer segment, it's possible that someone may match you and show up on your match list, while not actually sharing enough DNA with either parent to show up on their match lists too. I would think such cases would be more likely to occur with Speculative matches than with any of the closer match levels.