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  • Family finder connection- 3 way

    I have a question. I matched a 4th cousin both with the DNA and and the paper trail. The two of us matched a third person researching the same family surname. Her paper trail connected to a specific geographical location. However, her match was very weak to us. I tried using the chromosome browser to see if her small "snippet" of DNA connected to us. Is there anyway to ascertain if her "snippet" fragment matches any part of our chromosome. Connecting to her geographical location would be very helpful in addressing our genealogical concerns. Any suggestions or helpful insights would be appreciated.


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    I've been using a new atdna tool at for this type of thing. You can set the cM length to include small segments and view an individual chromosome including the X. Hope this helps.
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      Mendomaid may have meant to link to


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        Originally posted by KATM View Post
        Mendomaid may have meant to link to

        He may have meant DNAGEDCOM or GEDMatch.


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          I just clicked that link and it took me directly to the sign-in page. No ads. For those of you who are getting ads, try reaching it by going through this site

          It's a fantastic tool!


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            Just a thought. I use Firefox with an ad blocking add-on, so maybe there are ads.

            I'm so used to surfing the web and never seeing an ad!!!


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              Originally posted by acepre1 View Post
              Is there anyway to ascertain if her "snippet" fragment matches any part of our chromosome.
              The GEDmatch 3D-chromosome Browser is designed to do exactly what you are describing.



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       has no ads if I use firefox with ad blocker, if I use IE without ad blocker I get a couple of adv at bottom of page but no more so than most other sites i visit.

       has excellent tool for those with 23&Me data not transferred to FTDNA, it lets you download and compare ICW matches etc. with all those you share gnomes with.

                BUT beaware of the link posted in another thread on the forum. it has WOT warnings (Web Of Trust) as an unreliable site.