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AncestryDNA "bias"?

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  • AncestryDNA "bias"?

    Pardon my asking about a competitor product but I think I will get the best feedback on this forum...

    Out of my top 10 matches, I have confirmed 8 of them to be through my paternal grandmother Lomax. 6 of those belong to my gr gf Lomax. 2nd cousin 1R to 4th cousin range.

    And I dont know about the other two, as one is private and one has no tree. So its possible my 8/10 Lomax could go higher.

    Is this typical at AncestryDNA? I have 5978 matches and it just seems odd to me to have so many matches from one grandparent in the first 10.

    My line did not have any cousin marriage. Wont say that definitely for the matches.

    Two of them are mother-child, so if I remove the child as a near duplicate of their mother, I am still looking at least 6 of the top 8 being from my grandmother. The six are not closely related. 3rd to 4th cousins in general.

    I am also on Family Finder of course, 23andMe and Gedmatch. My grandmother Lomax's family is represented there too but no more than any other grandparent.

    Has anyone else noticed one grandparent etc extremely favored at AncestryDNA or other sites?

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    I am guessing that there is someone on that line that is buying kits and recruiting their family members on the Lomax side to test at Ancestry but not the other sites.


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      mabrams: It is my understanding that many of our matches will come from a smaller grouping of our ancestors, especially those who have had more numerous children, and this is certainly true in my case. And, yes, it is my experience that it is typical for all 3 testing companies. In fact, on my tree by each ancestor's name for whom I have had a dna match, it is reflected, for example:

      John T Jones DNA - 2x

      Then when I get another match for him, I just change the number to reflect same. This way, it is a quick visual in order to keep score. Hope this helps.
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        Just a friendly reminder for newbees. When you have a match on "Mr. Money Bags", you also have a match with his wife. So she gets the same DNA -2x (or whatever number it is ) designation he gets. So really it is MRCAs (most recent common ancestors), plural.

        THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: You match, "Bill", and you both descend from Mr. Money Bags, but you descend from wife #1, and Bill descends from wife #2. Therefore, the two of you only share one common ancestor. In this case, only Mr. Money Bags gets the designation on your tree.


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          Is Mr. Moneybags married to Mrs. GotRocks?


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            KATM: Yes, but not happily.......and they do have a son named:
            Money ROCKS!!

            Maybe Rebekah should designate Sunday as levity day, and give us a little latitude in being serious.


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              Does Ancestry still only test US residents? That's a bias...


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                I do believe that Rebekah has been heard to say that levity on the Lord's Day isn't the same as studying Leviticus on the Sabbath and too much of it could lead to an addendum to the Forum rules stating "Thou shalt not engage in levity."

                Or maybe she just meant that as long as it's in the vicinity of the topic and it's not illegal, immoral, or insulting to anyone, then a little levity is permissible.


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                  And thus sayeth "The Bek".


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                    Yes, I agree that Ancestry's refusal to allow anyone outside US & Canada to test would definitely skew their results. If some of your ancestors emigrated from the UK to the US and the other family lines stayed in UK then you aren't going to find a match at Ancestry unless it comes from the most recent generations. That fact alone will rule out certain family lines on Ancestry DNA matches. And that's why I consider FT DNA a far superior product!