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Gedmatch v. Population Finder??

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  • Gedmatch v. Population Finder??

    So in light of the past few threads (and thank you for the insights) it seems that there is a disparity between the calculators on Gedmatch v. the Population Finder results.

    The question that I have is, which is more reliable? Even between the four calculators as well as the metric functions (Oracle X/oracle 4/Oracle/Pop. 1/pop. 2 etc) there is a disparity (but this seems only to be applicable to not geography, but HOW the geography is being termed in the particular calculators).

    For myself, this seems to be the most consistent Admix breakdown for me across all four Gedmatch calculators, but differs significantly from Population Finder:

    Eurogenes Hunter Gatherer calculator (this calculator provided an accurate average of what all of the other calculators on Gedmatch was providing for me. This is why I am citing its results.)

    Anatolian Farmer 8.83%
    Baltic Hunter Gatherer 45.63%
    Middle Eastern Herder 2.96%
    East Asian Farmer -
    South American Hunter Gatherer 2.12%
    South Asian Hunter Gatherer -
    North Eurasian Hunter Gatherer 1.03%
    East African Pastoralist -
    Oceanian Hunter Gatherer 0.69%
    Mediterranean Farmer 25.53%
    Pygmy Hunter Gatherer 2.20%
    Bantu Farmer 11.01%

    If we break this down by geography then it is giving me an admix of:

    Baltic (and according to the map of this calculator, this includes Scandinavia/Baltic States, and possibly Netherlands/Germany)-46%

    Mediterranean (Med. Farmer,Anatolian,ME Herder) 37.5%

    African: 13%


    This is significantly different from my Pop. Finder. percentages. Which is more reliable? I am thinking that Gedmatch has more thorough population samples, as well as synthetic algorithms, but I really do not know enough.

    Cheers for any input.