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    Hi everyone!

    I have 2 similar situations with FF and I'd be grateful if you could clarify them for me.

    1- A female match shows up as my distant relative (5th cousin) on FF. And her father doesn't. But, on GEDmatch both are displayed as my distant cousins. Father and daughter are shown in my mom's FF matches' list as distant cousins. We all share the biggest segment on chromosome 11 in the same position. So, my question is why FTDNA couldn't detect her father also as a distant cousin for me, if it's seems that we're related by her father's side?

    2- I have two male matches on FF with whom I share the biggest segment on chromosome 10 in the same position. One of them is Ashkenazi, whose ancestors lived in the same village as our Polish ancestors in Tarnopol region, Ukraine. Both are clearly related to me by my mother's side as shown in the chromosome browser. But, just one of them appears on my mom's FF list. So, how is it possible?

    Thanks in advance for any explanation.


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    I have somewhat of the same situation as I mentioned here

    Since we each have 2 of each chromosomes, one from mother and one from father, a child may receive just enough shared DNA from both lines to place them over FTDNA matching threshold. Both Parents may have these matching segments, but since these segments alone and or the total shared segments are not big enough in each parent, FTDNA matching algorithm does not list them as a match.

    The other thing is due to matching algorithms not knowing which values are to which of the single chromosomes in the pair (maternal or paternal) in a child it may be creating false segments by picking values from each single chromosome thus pushing child above matching algorithms threshold.

    In the instance in my linked post above, if I look at the common matches between my siblings and match in question, this match has 4 common matches with my mother and 1 with my father. My maternal and paternal lines have no relation, at least not since c1750, they are of different backgrounds and countries of origin.

    My mothers side is Norwegian/Swedish and English while my Father is Scottish/Irish and German/Romanian. This match is in Norway, so it must be picking up small segments from my mothers Scandinavian side, plus a 7.8cM segment from my paternal grandmothers side(based on comparing my kits raw data).

    Therefore this match in question must(possibility) be related distantly to both my paternal and maternal sides and my 4 siblings just happened to inherit just enough of each lines to push them over the matching threshold.


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      Thank you!