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Family Finder - Web Browser Version Requirements

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  • Family Finder - Web Browser Version Requirements

    As many of you know, we launched a redesign of several of our Family Finder pages on Wednesday, October 2.

    Some customers have reported difficulty with getting the new pages to display or function properly. In most cases, this is due to using an old web browser version that we don't support.

    At this time, our browser version requirements are:
    • Firefox 3.6 or above (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Google Chrome (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Internet Explorer 9 or above (Windows)
    • Opera 10.5 or above (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Safari (Apple MAC, Windows)

    These requirements are also listed in the following FAQ on our website:

    If you are currently using an unsupported browser version, please upgrade to the latest version of your web browser.

    If your computer doesn't support the latest version of your web browser, please try a different web browser. For example, if you're using IE8 and you're unable to upgrade to IE9 or IE10, please try Chrome or Firefox instead. All of these web browsers are free and are widely used on the Internet.

    Keeping your computer up-to-date with the latest version of your web browser is always a best practice -- not just for the Family Tree DNA website, but for everything you do on the Internet. New browser versions often provide enhanced security, bug fixes, improved functionality and new web technologies.

    NOTE: If you are already using a supported browser version and you're still having difficulty with the site not displaying properly, please report the issue to us using the Feedback form on our website. Please provide specifics about what browser version you are using, what page you are on and what isn't displaying properly so that we can troubleshoot. Thank you!