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  • Family Finder DNA percentage allocation

    I had a Family Finder test done some time ago and my daughter has now done one as well. I am very struggling to get my head around a lot of the ins and outs of DNA & genealogy and would be grateful if someone could answer the following query. I have 338 matches and my daughter has 280. These range from 3rd cousin to 5th cousin remote. We have 108 identical matches. This leaves my daughter with 172 matches that I do not have. Do we assume that all the other 172 come from her dad? Also, as that sounds a bit too simple, if they do not all come from her dad where would they come from?

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    Yes, the remaining 172 are related to your daughter's father.

    However, it's possible that some of these matches are also related to you, just with not enough matching cM to be predicted as a match to you. Your contribution, combined with that of her father, can make a match appear. In fact, I have some matches in my test that don't show up as a match to EITHER of my (tested) parents!


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      Thank you for your helpful reply. When you say that it is possible to have some matches that do not show up for either parent, is there an explanation as to where such matches would originate from or are they possibly not really matches at all?


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        Originally posted by sjadelson View Post
        In fact, I have some matches in my test that don't show up as a match to EITHER of my (tested) parents!
        Yes this is common for FTDNA.

        So @SapphireBlue your daughter has 108 maternal matches, and 172 unknown lineage matches.

        Out of the 172, it is most probable the "Immediate", "Close", and "Distant" ones are paternal if they do not match you. The "Speculative" ones your daughter has could be from either your side or the father's side. Even testing both parents will not answer that all the time.

        I have tested all five of my kids and all of them have "Speculative Matches that match people who do not match my wife or myself.


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          When Gedmatch accepts uploads again (August hopefully), you can upload your and your daughter's results and run the tool to get phased results that attempt to produce separate results for her mother's and father's side. I've done that for my results and my son's results. Then I compare his paternal side to see who his matches are. I don't think it's perfect, but it's helpful.

          It is often the case that my son matches people on FTDNA who I don't match, but in fact it's just an artifact of their algorithm, which is especially problematic it seems for Ashkenazi Jews and in our case where my son is 1/4 more Ashkenazi than me so his total cM will often be higher, even though the match is on my side, whereas it will not show up for me since my total cM is lower.

          We've also found that there are people that he matches both on my side and my husband's side, since my father's father' parents and my husband's mother's parents were from the same region.