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  • Communicating with Dr. McDonald?

    Last year I sent my FF raw data to Dr. McDonald and got a response in two days. Others here in the forum have reported similar response times. My cousin sent in his raw data on April 28 and has not heard back. Any people in here with similar, recent experiences?

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    Originally posted by nmcconnell1 View Post
    Any people in here with similar, recent experiences?
    No, I sent him raw data on April 25th and received his analysis within 24 hours.

    He is perhaps just taking some vacation...
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      On Monday I sent my sample in and got the results within 12hrs, on Tues we sent my wife's data in and got results within 12hrs. So I would resubmit the data again Contact Dr McDonald For mine I submitted both my 23andme file and my Geno 2 file, he only used the 23andme file as he states the Geno 2 is not as accurate. (in his system?)
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        Maybe there is something wrong with my cousin's e-mail. I'll tell him to resend, perhaps through a different e-mailing system. Sometimes different systems aren't compatible.

        Thanks. Good to know Dr. McDonald is still performing this wonderful service.


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          It's going on two weeks for me...I am assuming he's on holiday.


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            This is traditionally around the beginning of vacation time for universities, and he is a university lecturer.


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              Sending Files to Dr. McDonald

              Does he prefer the unzipped data file? Or is it okay to send it along as we receive it (zipped)?


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                Originally posted by AECrowell View Post
                Does he prefer the unzipped data file? Or is it okay to send it along as we receive it (zipped)?
                Zipped files. You don't have to unzip yours.


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                  His current e-mail address is:


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                    Just send it again. I sent my mom's a week or two ago and had to resend it. When I did, he turned it around in 24 hours.

                    The same thing happened back when I sent him my husband's results, IIRC; I sent them again and he picked up on it.

                    But for mine and my brother's a couple years ago, he turned them around in 24 hours.

                    I noticed it says in his attached text file he sends that he is a former employee of the U of Illinois now; so perhaps he retired or something. The address I used is still a university address.

                    At any rate, I'm glad he is still doing it; it's a very interesting analysis.


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                      Originally posted by Steven Akins View Post
                      His current e-mail address is:
                      This is the one I have always used and have always got a response back within a week.

                      Just sent one in on the 21st of May and received results today...