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    My wife's PF results showed she was 100% French. Dr. McDonald assessed her as 1.0 French. In real life her parentage is French/Italian/English. These are reported on her adoption fact sheet so we don't have face-to-face contact with any of them. Despite the 100% French the painted chromosomes from Dr. McDonald showed a Mideast colour going down the full range of the bottom half of 5 of them (8, 14, 18, 21 and 22). The rest was European along with a sliver of African. Does this mean she has a Mideast relative from the recent past or is this indicative of an admixture of Mideast DNA that exists in the French result? By the way, Dr. McDonald said that the average between English and Italian is indistinguishable from French DNA.

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    Probably this answer in my opinion:

    "...indicative of an admixture of Mideast DNA that exists in the French result..." or simply the Italian ancestry.

    These types of admixture reports include up to thousands of years (FTDNA says 80 generations).

    Now that you have the BGA readings, compare the more recent time matches. Any predominantly Italian or Jewish names matching too?

    If not, then more likely just an admixture contained within the French reading but if you start seeing more recent time (6 - 8 generation) matches also lining up with the ME reading that would be more indicative of the fact there is Middle Eastern coming through on its own. I'd guess it is from the Italian connection.

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      My grandmother also has mideast running along the entire bottom half of one chromosome. Dr. McDonald said there might be a bit of Jewish but he was uncertain. She has no known Jewish ancestry. I'll attach her chromosome painting.

      As you can see there is also mideast on the X chromosome, as well as a bit of South Asian. Not really sure what to make of it. Remnants from thousands of years ago? This was Dr. McDonald's full analysis:

      Most likely fit is 100% English (Western Europe)
      which is 100% total Europe
      The location error = 0.006292 with 1 group

      The following are possible populations,
      most likely at the top:

      The following are possible population sets and their fractions,
      most likely at the top

      English= 1.000

      but there is also some additional Continental European, and (perhaps, rather unsure) a bit of Jewish :

      English 0.6992 Germany 0.2139 Sephardic 0.0869 or
      English 0.8069 Poland 0.0972 Sephardic 0.0959 or
      English 0.8209 Belorus 0.0855 Sephardic 0.0936 or
      English 0.8205 Lithuania 0.0755 Sephardic 0.1040 or
      English 0.3743 Russian 0.0906 French 0.5351 or
      English 0.7590 Hungary 0.1789 Sephardic 0.0620
      or even an Irish combination:
      Irish 0.2555 French 0.5926 Germany 0.1519

      BUT ... all you can TRUST is the green spot on the map.

      Her known ancestry is English, Scottish, Channel Islands French, and a bit of German.


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        Oops - forgot to attach the chromosome painting. Attaching it now.
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          Thanks for the help. With my bit of Mideast (only a quarter of the bottom half of one and a bit in the other) Dr. McDonald said it was admixture, yet his assessment said a definite 4.7 per cent Mideast in my autosomals. There is also a blue dot on top of Turkey along with the red and green ones between Land's End, England and The Netherlands in the maps part of the assessment. My wife has exclusively France and northern France. Her autosomal matches look 95% English with only one from Syria (5th or so cousin), one Germanic name and one in France. I assume this means that more English folk took the test. Complete McDonald results for both of us (sans maps and stuff) are in another discussion thread (headlined "Dr. McDonald results) in this section.


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            Mideast segment appears by a gene/geography law. Italians and Iberians carry some with sometimes tiny bits of african, especially in Iberians or sicilians.

            It is sometimes tricky to separate mideast of recent admixture from mideast of normal occurence within a population.
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              Here's a picture of the gene painting I was referring to.
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                Originally posted by 2avmkmm4 View Post
                Here's a picture of the gene painting I was referring to.
                It looks like you forgot to send him your X chromosome file. FTDNA has that as a seperate download.


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                  I haven't had my X chromosome test done. Is that something included in the FF package or do I have to order it separately?


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                    Originally posted by 2avmkmm4 View Post
                    I haven't had my X chromosome test done. Is that something included in the FF package or do I have to order it separately?
                    Your X chromosome is test as part of Family Finder. It is not a separate purchase.

                    This is a link to your Family Finder raw data download page. The link to your X Chromosome Raw Data file is immediately beneath the link to your Autosomal Raw Data.


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                      Thanks for the info. My wife is a new customer and is waiting for Build 37 to be completed so it can be plugged into the GEDmatch utility. I have received Family Finder results but never noticed that X-Chromosome results were included. Until GEDmatch is operational (their latest announcement said it could take a week or so for partial service to be restored) is there anyplace I can get X-Chromosome results, matches, further information, etc?