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  • Strange Chromosome Browser Data

    I have a predicted 3rd cousin match who is shown to have a total of 45.94 cM of shared DNA, and 17.40 cM for our longest block. I have not identified the common ancestor(s) yet.

    If I look at the Chromosome Browser, and set the display threshold to 3 cM, it shows us as matching for pretty much the entirety of Chromosome 15. If I hover over it, it says we match from position 88165 to 102040927, for a total of 3.45 (yes three point four five) cM. It would seem rare to match someone on an uncombined chromosome, and the cM total doesn't make sense. Is this part of the data issues that they are clearing up?

    This match also matches my Dad, but he also matches many of my matches that are NOT "In Common With" my Dad. Has anybody else seen anything like this?

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    Yes, I noticed this also on one of my kits. An extremely long segment at about 3 cM. You should report it as an error. I did, but with the backlog of email, who knows when it will be addressed. Maybe someone looking at this forum will notice.


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      I just rechecked to verify the details.

      This is a new kit:

      Chr 15 start 88165 stop 102040927 at 4.12 cM.

      Problems like this are probably why the raw data download is still inactive.


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        In my case, I am the new match. I was part of the group that was completed on 2/22. I will just wait patiently for all of these issues to be cleared up.