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  • lol I like the"We appreciate your business." yeah they appreciate taking money from us and correcting is another issue or testing code between releasing.
    btw I'm more enclined to recommand 23andme now for €140 including p&p for europe they have relative finding, health reports (can be waived), full mts, y haplogroup and admix.
    ftdna is better for y snps though and familly finder is better in ftdna (oh well was lol)


    • NB some of us have lost every single match. My husband has gone from 13 pages to zero. So if all you have lost is remote/ distant cousins think yourself lucky. My husband losing all his matches makes other kits / results I ordered to help me research him useless at the minute. So double pissed


      • If the complete list of lost matches hasn't been restored by Thursday evening, send Family Tree DNA a message reporting this.

        Last summer, they offered "Thank You" discounts on the sale of additional Family Finder tests. I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same after this current situation has been resolved.

        I still have matches for all kits, but will consider the CM shared, etc. to be unreliable until after Thursday evening (especially if Bennett Greenspan sends an "all clear" message).

        I have persuaded numerous cousins to test; I paid for it & promised no medical analyses. For that reason, even though I've tested at 23andme as well, I won't be sending cousins there with my current promise. If they want to go there on their own, that's fine.

        Timothy Peterman


        • The Mar 22 message has changed by a day as to when matches will be uploaded (from Wed. evening to Thur evening) and raw data will be available (from Thursday to Friday) as follows:

          Update: March 22, 2013 - We cannot thank you enough for your patience during the process of fine-tuning the Family Finder program. We apologize for the delays and any inconvenience you've experienced during this process, which certainly has not gone the way we wanted it to go.

          After extensive review and testing, we've isolated the glitch that caused some people to not have matching results at all, and others to lose pages of matches. While not all matches will be restored since the new build refines matches, all filter ranges were affected by the glitch and those matches that were lost because of it, should return.

          We're re-running the database with this fix. We'll be doing QC on Tuesday and should be pushing the data to the public pages by late Thursday, March 28th. The raw data should be available by Friday.

          Again, we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this process has caused. We appreciate your business.

          Bennett Greenspan
          Max Blankfeld


          • That is kind of cheesy- changing the dates without changing the date of the message.


            • I downloaded matches the day build 37 was posted. I downloaded another list several days ago to check for glitch loses. Only one person was missing. He's a known fourth cousin with a sister and nephew who are still on my match list. He must be one of those who lost all matches in the "glitch". That's only one person out of 167 matches.


              • Mine haven't hardly changed either. But I wouldn't be surprised if, when the database is run & the new results uploaded, if all of the centimorgan values will shift a bit.

                This is why I've held off on downloads. I won't consider the data to be reliable until ALL participants with reasonably close known relative matches can see their known relatives. Until then, I will consider it flawed.

                Timothy Peterman


                • New matches?? Perhaps??

                  Well today is Thursday. I know that it is presumptuous to expect that all of the QC is completed and the new data will be pushed forward by the end of the day, but MAYBE????

                  Hopefully most of you who lost good matches will get them back this evening and those of us who just lost a lot of matches will get some of them back.

                  Always the Optimist.


                  • My matches are all back!

                    At first glance, looks like I got the same matches back as I did right after Build 37 was implemented. I had lost quite a few with this. Then, I lost everything. Looks like I'm back to where I was.


                    • I don't know if everything has been rolled out regarding the problem but so far one match has reappeared with the date of 5th March 2013. If everything has been rolled out then it would appear that I still have a problem with my matches.

                      I had a message from someone a couple of days ago to inform me that when they did an In Common With using my name they get their cousins name in the resulting list but this person does not appear in my match list and neither do i appear in the cousins list. The name of this cousin did look familiar as I am sure i had this name in my Family Finder matches last month but now I don't so if the name doesn't reappear in my result list by tomorrow then it looks as though the problem has not been fixed with me and I shall inform FTDNA of the problem.


                      • I had 45 matches before the Build 37, then had 30, then had ZERO. Today, I have 31 matches...


                        • I had 136 matches before the build, lost 42 and gained 19.

                          My great aunt & 3rd cousin's results came in at the same time. 5 of the matches I lost, 2 who were confirmed relatives and a 3rd with a common surname connected between my 2 generation brick wall, my great aunt has as matches.

                          One of the matches I "lost" is showing up today with a match date of 3/5, but she did previously match me back in Oct. when my own results were uploaded. Largest cm's were/are over 20.

                          I noticed today, both my gr-aunt & cousin have additional matches that weren't there on 3/15, but are showing dates between 3/1 & 3/7.

                          Both of my parents are in Batch 502 which supposedly should get uploaded tonight, but as of this writing, have not.

                          I'm going to guess our matches will increase as the night progresses?


                          • Message From Family Tree DNA!

                            Family Finder results are temporarily offline while we perform maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please check back again soon.


                            • Looks like they are doing the final final. We'll see.


                              • Originally posted by NYMark View Post
                                Looks like they are doing the final final. We'll see.
                                I just got two new matches!