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GEDmatch not showing X-only matches?

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  • GEDmatch not showing X-only matches?

    I have an X-only match of two segments, totaling 54 cM of X. But I cannot find her anymore at GEDmatch, by sorting the One to Many columns.

    It seems that all of my top X matches also have an autosomal match as well. My 54 cM X match has a top autosomal segment of 5.1 cM, so basically not a match, at least not in my top 3000. She still shows on the X One to One, so she is definitely in the database.

    Has GEDmatch gone to an X-autosomal pairing, a la FTDNA? or am I just missing something?

    I missing many of older X-only matches.


    Okay, I found the Filter by X button on the left. This retrieves a lot of my missing X-onlies , but I still cannot find "Ms 54 X"

    But now I am missing my Top X match (61 cM) who is also a 21 cM match autosomally. She shows only when I Filter by Autosomal

    And Ms 54 X only shows on the X One to One
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