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  • Help with a new female match

    Hi Everyone!

    I manage some kits in the family and I need your help.

    This week, a new female match has showed up on our matches list. The person matches me (male), my sister, my mother and my mother's maternal grandfather's cousin (female - 1st cousin 2x removed.).

    This new female match shares with my mother's maternal grandfather's cousin (female) a total of 239 cM with a longest block of 33 cM. It's almost the same amount my mom shares with her 1st cousin 2x removed.

    The problem is that, this new female match doesn't know who her father was. And we are probably related on his side of the family. Because, her mother was of English descent and she appears as 50% English and 50% Eastern European. And we are of Polish descent (partially).

    On the chromossome browser, this new match and my mom's 1st cousin 2x removed are also indicated as X matches.

    So, on the basis of what I've just exposed, I would like to know:

    1- Can I assume that since the new female match and my mom's 1st cousin 2x removed (female) also share segments in the chromossome X and taking in consideration that the relationship is on this new female match father's side, that we are actually related on her paternal grandmother's side?

    2- What are the possibilities?

    In attachment you can see an image, which demonstrates how my mom, my sister, the new match and I match with my mom's 1st cousin 2x removed.

    Thank you so much in advance for any help or information you can share with me
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    How much DNA is shared on the X?


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      Instead of showing us a chart of how everybody relates to your known first cousin 2x removed you should have done the opposite on how much DNA everybody shares to the unknown cousin.


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        Hi! Thanks for your reply.

        That's the amount of DNA each one of us shares with the unkown cousin:

        1- my mother's 1st cousin 2x removed

        Total: 239 cM, longest block: 33 cM. X chromossome: 3.41 cM

        2- my mom

        Total: 68 CM, longest block: 12 cM

        3- my sister

        Total: 49 cM, longest block: 12 cM

        4- me

        Total: 42 cM, longest block: 12 cM


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          Ok thanks. If that is all that is shared on the X it is irrelevant and shouldn't be used for determining how your family is related to this person. So obviously the first cousin 2x removed most likely is closer related to this person than your immediate family is and so most likely you are related on that same branch somewhere (your mother's maternal grandfather's side). To tell you the truth they would have an easier time figuring it out than you might as they can determine through their close matches they acquire what ancestors they likely descend from, from your vantage point unless they give you access to their match list or something you are limited in how much help you can give as you don't share much DNA with them, though your 1st cousin 2x does share a good amount.


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            Thank you, [email protected]