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  • [email protected] in X matches

    I hadn't looked at my X matches on GedMatch before, so when I did I saw that one of my matches had an "[email protected]" email. I had read before that this was one way to see if there were any Ashkenazi Jewish matches.

    When I ran the Jtest for his kit number, it came up with a score of 28.67 for Ashkenazi. (My own score is 2.81) This person shares about 13.6 cMs with me on chromosome 23 and triangulates with another match I found who has a Jtest score of 27.61 and shares 13.33 cMs with me on #23. (There is another X match I randomly found who has a lesser Jtest score, 15.4.) Although the Pikholz one doesn't show up in the autosomal list at the default, he does when I drop the number to 3. There are four segments of 3.1 to 3.5 cMs, totaling 13.0 cM. Two on chromosome #8 and one on #3 and one on #12.

    So what I'm wondering is, what does this mean? Could I have a distant Ashkenazi ancestor through the X chromosome?

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    Individual segments under 4 cM have no value. It doesn't matter what they add up to.

    Last October, in at I already told you to trust that since AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA both agreed you have no Jewish DNA then that's what the situation is.

    Why are you still looking for something that isn't there?


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      My Eurogenes Jtest score for Ashkenazi is 3.07, I have no Jewish ancestry and my ancestry estimates also show no Jewish ancestry.