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Confused Adopted Cousin X DNA Matches

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  • Confused Adopted Cousin X DNA Matches

    Hi, I really need help with this one. (Please see attached Chromosome browser snip for Taylor). I have been trying for some years to find out where my genetic cousin (Taylor) is related to me and I have pin pointed it down to my Fathers (George) Maternal GG Grandfather and GG Grandmother. Unfortunately haven't been able to make a paper connection. However my Dads Second Cousin (Elizabeth) has tested. She is related to the same set of GG Grandparents through her maternal side as is my Dad. Elizabeth has a small X match with Taylor, as well as a 137 cM autosomal match. My Dads other cousin (Margaret) also shares X DNA with Taylor of about 13 cM and autosomal DNA of 65 cM. I am a little confused why there would be a X match between Taylor and Margaret as Margaret is descended from the same GG Grandparents but through her Paternal side ie: Margaret's decent is through 3 males GG Grandfather, G Grandfather, GF and Father. If anyone can help solve the mystery or see the connection it would be much appreciated.
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    Unless the X match is huge, I think the best approach is FIRST to develop a set of all the possible trees that are consistent with the observed autosomal matches (that is, consistent with the degree of matching in all combinations of the available kits). Small X matches could well be artifacts and should probably be ignored, at least until you make sense of the autosomal data.


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      Is Taylor male or female? Female-to-female X comparisons can show matches that are not "real". I am female: my first page of Family Finder matches (except the first two, who are known immediate family) are 2C-4C and pretty much balanced between males and females. But virtually all the females show X matches and none of the males do.

      Regardless of whether Taylor is male or female ... Roberta Estes in her response to an August 2017 comment on her post "X marks the spot" ( says "Generally speaking, an X match needs to be twice as big as other matches to be taken seriously." And in another genetic genealogy forum, I read recently that Roberta says 14cM is the minimum for an X match to be taken seriously, and that Blaine Bettinger says it's 20cM.