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A question regarding xmatch and paternal grandmother

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  • A question regarding xmatch and paternal grandmother

    Hi I've had my mother and her male first cousin take the FF test. They are the children of two brothers born to a Scottish tea planter and Kussum a Bengali tea garden worker. I'm finding in the resulting phased paternal matches a little less than half are also x matches to my mother. I believe this is through Kussum. Even if I disregard the smaller X segments I have one 8+ cM and another 12+ cM but these as well as the discarded ones certainly have very definite European ancestral family names. Am I to assume Kussum was Anglo Indian ?If this is so, it opens up to some exciting research avenues. Or, am I getting this all wrong? Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    If I am understanding correctly .... male cousin would not inherit x DNA from paternal grandmother. His x only comes from his maternal grandparents, no father to son inheritance, father passes His Y to sons.

    So perhaps his mother is tied into this paternal grandmother line or his mother ties your paternal grandfathers line (grandfather maternal grandparents)


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      Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough. These are not x match to the male cousin. Of course his X comes from his mother They are x matches to my mother
      . They are not from her mother because they are listed under the 'Paternal'tab after I linked the cousin to mum so I believe that it is the x she received through her father from his mother the Bengali lady.
      The 12+cM on the x is a female who, with some of the other of the x matches also matche with someone where the RCA is through the line of the tea planter ...just to make things more confusing. Please ask more questions if I haven't made things clearer. Thank you


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        Once you get past the first few generations, X-matching is a complete waste of thought and time. You will not get any meaningful information from it. People, both expert and layman, are missing something really huge. Almost all X-matches are not IBD, but are built up by having multiple paths to a common ancestor.

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          This was

          Actually Jack that makes some sense 13 and 12 gens back my mums paternal grandfather , the tea planter and maternal grandmother have a common ancestor.James Douglas 7 baron Drumlanrigg who had two or more marrages and many illegitimate offspring. Perhaps there are many more paths to his line .Scottish nobility had a very small gene pool.
          Thank you