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Ashkenazi X-matches: real or false!

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  • Ashkenazi X-matches: real or false!

    Hi everybody. I know I have posted this here before, but I was wondering if some of the "Jewish experts" could weigh in again for me. I just got my mother a FF test for her birthday, and the results came back earlier this week. Her known parentage is half Genoese (her mother I was from Genoa) with an Ashkenazi paternal grandfather and a paternal grandmother of unknown descent, presumed Anglo. Her my origins results are as follows:

    European: 71%

    Jewish Diaspora: 22%

    Western Middel Eastern: 7%

    She has 5000 matches on FF and 1100 X-matches. Most of these X-matches appear to be Ashkenazi Jews. Moreover, her sister was also tested, and of the in-common Ashkenazi X-matches they have, about 3/4 are X-matches for BOTH of them (the remaining 1/4 I presume must certainly be false...?)

    Is this incontrovertible evidence that her "unknown" paternal grandmother was of at least partial Jewish descent, or are these all probably false positives? The my origins results point clearly to about 1/4 Jewish ancestry, and in MyHeritage she is only 18% Ashkenazi, but if her paternal grandmother had significant Jewish ancestry than she would surely be more than a quarter.

    I know that due to how the base pairs are interpreted, the X on women is more prone to false matches, but this many, and with such an overwhelming majority of one specific ethnicity?

    For comparison's sake, I would also be interested to know if there are any other women of Ashkenazi descent with that ancestor being a non-X contributing ancestor. Do you also have lots of Ashkenazi X-matches?

    Thanks again.
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    Maybe the Ashkenazi grandfather and his wife were actually both half Ashkenazi.


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      Originally posted by Frank Kelch View Post
      Maybe the Ashkenazi grandfather and his wife were actually both half Ashkenazi.
      I perhaps should have mentioned: the Ashkenazi grandfather's mother was an Italian Jew from Venice. Maybe that would account for it?