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Father's Maternal X

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  • mabrams
    Since you are female, the answer would be "probably" yes. Certainly true from some of the larger X segments.

    As a male, the answer for me would be 'no'. But at one point, I had 24 X matches and 11 of them were from my paternal matches. That's impossible. But there they were.

    Of the 11, three of them were at GedMatch. So by using the X One to One, I was able to see that the three X matches actually did match my mother's X segments, while the larger autosomal segments were from my father.

    So the same could apply to you. While the larger autosomal segments are definitely your paternal segments, a few of the smaller X segments may have been derived from your mother. But the larger X segments probably come from your paternal grandmother.

    If I remember the smaller misleading X segments were like 1 to 3 cM.

    Small Disclaimer:
    Although I have no indication that my parents were related, they do share English/Scottish/German ancestry and both have colonial ancestry in the 1600s.

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  • Tenn4ever
    started a topic Father's Maternal X

    Father's Maternal X

    I have a hypothetical question.

    Let's say I have 100 autosomal matches on my father's line and there is no intersecting with my mother's line at all. I know all these matches are from his line only.

    If I have X matches also on these autosomal matches can I 'assume' that they are from my father's mother's line somewhere?

    I have the fan charts so I know how to follow the X line back on her different lines.

    Just trying to make sure I can assume all these X matches would come from my father's maternal line somewhere??