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X-match on FTDNA, but not on

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  • X-match on FTDNA, but not on

    How can a female DNA relative of my father be an X-match on FTDNA, but shows that they are not X-matched (even on the lowest setting they have)?

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    An segment under 7cm/700SNPs has a high likely hood of being false positive (IBS, Identical by state)

    FTDNA shows all segments down to 1cM/500SNP. Most of these will be false positive.

    What size of segment does FTDNA show on X between father and match?

    As to why it shows on one and not the other, maybe due to each have their own algorithm which handles how no calls and mismatches are handled.

    If matching segment (on X) is of adequate size then.....
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      This is what shows up on chromosome browser:

      Two regions of 3.91 + 3.01 cM on chromosome X. Could this be a false positive?