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X Dna Noob problem - Help please

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  • X Dna Noob problem - Help please

    I posted this question on GEDmatch forums but there seems little action there, and I didnt get a reponse so I hope its OK that I repost here..

    I have two females with an XDNA match.. here is the Gedmatch One to One..

    X 13,199,875 39,628,238 40.1 1,676

    But there is no Autosomal match (Checked with GEDmatch 1v1 ... from the relationship charts I have looked at, I take that to mean that any relationship is 5th Cousin at least, would I be right?

    Is there an article or document I could refer to?

    Thanks in advance

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    40.1 cM is a nice sized segment.

    I am not sure which charts you looked at, but if they are autosomally oriented, then they do not apply here.

    X is just too unpredictable. If you don't have an accompanying autosomal match, the rule is that its a "long time ago"

    Actually your suggestion of 5th or greater is probably about right. Emphasis on "greater". They tend to be closer if there are males in the lineage, but even that is just a 'maybe'.

    I have been successful in triangulating X matches without any autosomal. And they were mostly 6ths.

    This might be a good article.....
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      Thanks very much for the reply.. I will read the article..